Best Workbench Top Ideas

Apr 2nd

Workbench top – Choosing the very best kinds of wood for the workbench top depends upon both your financial budget as well as on the kind of work you plan to carry out, to not mention your own personal aesthetic preference. Each kinds of wood have its own peculiarities which will certainly be explored below in an effort to let you make the foremost informed decision possible.


Workbench top soft woods for example pine and birch are not too expensive but they are less durable than hard woods and, regardless of how many coats of paint or varnish you apply, they could be very easily dented and scored from our tools and materials. Additionally, pine could ooze a resin as time passes that could stick with your projects. Upon the plus side, in case you drop a section of work onto a soft wood bench, you‘ll put a dent inside the surface however the item you are focusing on remains undamaged.

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Workbench top hard woods for example oak and maple tend to be more expensive but less easily damaged throughout the course of your respective work. Some hard woods, for example red oak, possess a tendency to splinter if subjected to prolonged banging, so it might be wise to avoid them if your projects will include a big proportion of hammering. It‘s also wise to think about the humidity of environmental surroundings the bench will certainly be placed in.

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