How to Build Workbench Legs

Apr 9th

Workbench legs – Nothing better than a workbench, unless you have a work bench made from scratch. This green bench seems to kill two birds with one stone metaphoric. Reusing wooden pallets loading and creates a new work surface. This gem of a project is relatively simple and easy as most of the construction has already been completed for you. With the addition of four legs and some reinforcements, you are well on your way to enjoy a new workbench.


Workbench legs, disassemble pallets using a lever bar to separate the shoulder blocks of the tables. Using a nail puller, remove all nails embedded in tables and support struts. Familiar with the diagrams detailing the various measurements of the table.

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Workbench legs, measuring eight frames and mark in 36 1/2 inches. Use a hand saw or saber saw to cut to size. These will be the legs. With a strut support (or block) as a rotation angle of 90 degrees, screw two boards leg at a time. Use wood screws 1/4 and hand drill. Measure four planks and mark in 18 1/2 inches. Use a hand saw or saber saw to cut to size. Two of these tables will be used to support the legs and the other two will be used for the short sides of the table.