Comfortable Workbench Height Design

Apr 1st

Workbench height – Getting your bench height completely wrong can result in you some discomfort and inconvenience whilst you work, but I always like to really make it clear it isn’t worth fretting about searching for any formula for the ideal height; an inch here or there isn’t visiting make lots of difference. A perfect bench height can’t really exist if you don‘t carry out just one single activity all the time; the foremost practical height changes with respect to the you‘re doing, the tool you’re using and size & thickness of work piece.


Like a general rule less workbench height is best for heavy tiring work, whilst a taller bench can save your back from stooping when things get small and detailed. If you’re unsure about your selected bench height, try to obtain a feel to the height before committing. You can compare it within your present workbench, a table or perhaps just mark a line upon the wall.

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Bare on your mind that the comfortable workbench height for woodworking, will likely look low when you only stand next in with it. You’ll alter stance while you work, and whenever you require the foremost strength, you’re body will naturally lower while you spread your foot print and bend your knees ready for action.[keyword],

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