Making Seagrass Ottoman Recycled

Apr 9th

Making Seagrass Ottoman Recycled – Customize an ottoman with recycled fabric cord for an original piece to add to your home decor. Whether you choose to cover the entire corduroy ottoman or mix it with other fabric to create texture, options are available. Look at the combination of existing colors of the room to determine what works best for your space.

Two Seagrass Ottoman
Two Seagrass Ottoman

Cord recycling for Seagrass Ottoman can be found cheaply at thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. Lace is commonly found in black, brown, khaki, beige, navy, gray and forest green. However, if you dig around you can also find in a rainbow of colors, including red, baby blue, pink and purple. Consider how you want the final product to display. For example, the design of an ottoman neutral can be used in more than one room using cable recycling to the top and other fabric to cover the sides, or create a wire Ottoman mosaic in shades of red, pink, purple and black.

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Build Seagrass Ottoman from scratch or retrieve an old ottoman. For example, the construction of the ottoman a plan that you can find online or ottoman style reel made with recovered reels are at the hardware store. Each project will be a little different and require a separate set of skills. Decide whether you are comfortable with sewing rope to add to the Ottoman or if you prefer a seamless option. Use a type of fabric in a graphic print at the top of the ottoman. Create a skirt to fit around the perimeter of an old Ottoman corduroy skirt. Modify the skirt to fit and secure it in place. Alternatively, create pipes for different color ottoman corduroy. For example, if your design is whether a cable beige or khaki, add a chocolate colored trim to the edge of the ottoman.

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