Patio Roof Panels Framing

Jun 15th

Patio roof panels – Cheap, lightweight and easy to install, roof panels are an excellent choice for patio deck additions. Although specifications may vary depending on the type of panel and local codes. The preparation of patio ceiling panels generally requires less labor and framing materials for conventional roofing, such as asphalt shingles. However, roof panels’ shape and unique call size for some special procedures of the structure that increase structural support.

Wonderful Patio Roof Panels
Wonderful Patio Roof Panels

With an understanding of standard patio roof panels framing. Then, you can finalize your design, purchase materials and build a stable and long-lasting patio deck. Builders commonly build a covered patio roof on top of a simple pole and beam structure. Vertical members, called messages, anchor to an existing concrete slab or to cast concrete pillars. Horizontal structural members, called beams, extend through the upper parts of the posts. Beams or roof joists run through the opposite beams or adhere to a beam on one side and anchor to the wall of an existing structure on the other side.

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Joists or beams are those of the roof formwork that descend from the eaves of a roof for its crest. The long edges of the patio roof panels, usually called the sides, should be aligned with and fastened to the beams of the roof structure. Therefore the spacing between the beams should be equal to the width of a roof panel minus the overlap required by adjacent panels. Most roof panels manufactured for patio decks are 26 inches wide.